From 12AM to 2PM and from 7PM to 10PM
Until 11:30PM

Burgers 15

Vegetarian available


Charolais beef, 12 month refined Comté, smoked breast with Mapple syrup, salad, tomatoes, homemade BBQ sauce

Louis XVI

Charolais beef, Mozzarella Buffala, pesto verde, salad, tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise

François Ier

Charolais beef, goat cheese with honey, salad, moutarde au miel


Charolais beef, Cheddar, fried onions, salad, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup

Louis XIV

Charolais beef, Auvergne blue cheese, caramelized onions, salad, homemade mayonnaise

Extra +1

Cheddar sauce, smoked breast, caramelized onions, Parmesan

Club 14

Farm-raised chicken, smoked breast, avocado, tomatoes, salad, homemade mayonnaise

Bagel 13

Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, red onions, salad

Side dish

French fries - Season's vegetables - Salad - Potatoes


Fish & Chips 16

Cabillaud, Tartare sauce

Magret of
roasted duck 19,5

Honey and grappe mustard

entrecote 21

Béarnaise sauce, Auvergne blue cheese or pepper


Ceasar salad 14

Chicken, avocado, Parmesan, salad, Ceasar sauce

Veggie salad 12

Candied vegetables

Carpaccio & Burrata 12


From Atelier Patrick Baillet

Lemon meringue pie 7

Chocolate Fondant 6

Vanilla Ice &
salted butter caramel

Red fruits
cheesecake 8

Fruits pie 7

Coffee or tea with sweets 10

To share

Evening only

Burrata 10

Farm-raised Chicken9

Hazelnut breaded, Curry Mango sauce

Beef rib 48

Potatoes, homemade sauce : Béarnaise, Auvergne blue cheese or Pepper

Terrine 8

From Épicerie Gourmande

Cheese plate 14

From Épicerie Gourmande

Charcuterie plate 17

From Épicerie Gourmande

Cheese & Charcuterie 24

From Épicerie Gourmande

Fish plate 16

From Épicerie Gourmande

From 12AM to 2PM
and from 6:30PM to 00:30AM


Vittel 3,5 / 5

0,5L / 1L

San Pellegrino 3,5 / 5

0,5L / 1L

Perrier 3,5


Coca Cola Classic 3,5


Coca Cola Zéro 3,5


Orangina 3,5


Ice Tea 3,5


Monin syrups 2,5

25cl - Cherry, peach, strawberry, mint, Violette,
lemon, grenadine

Monin with lemonade 4,5


Tonic Water Fever Tree 4


Ginger Ale Fever Tree 4


Lemonade Fever Tree 4


Granini fruit juice 3,5

25cl - Orange, apple, multi-fruit, apricot, tomato


25cl / 50cl

Carlsberg 3,5 / 7

Brooklyn Lager 3,5 / 7

Brooklyn IPA 3,5 / 7

La Bouquine Rouge 4 / 8


Sassy, l'Angélique 5

Organic Apple, 33cl

Sassy, le Vertueux 5

Pear, 33cl

Sassy, la Sulfureuse 5

Rosé, 33cl


Expresso 2

Long black 2

Double Expresso 4

Decaf 2,50

Hazelnut 2,50

Latte Macchiato 5

Cappuccino 5

Dammann Frères Tea3,50

Touareg mint, Green Yunnan, Darjeeling,
Earl Grey, Tisane du Roy, Tisane du Berger, Citrus Rooibos